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Final post! | ¡Último post!

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We hope your children enjoyed learning English with us this summer! Here is the video shown at our final assembly with some of the highlights from our morning and afternoon classes. Enjoy and we hope you will join us again next summer! Don't forget that we also have a Twitter page with some more pictures…

S3 The Giant and the Kitten | S3 El Gigante y el Gatito

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Students in Ms. Katrina’s class S3 have worked on a story with a script for Radio Drama class.  The story includes the character of a 'giant', so that students could see how to manipulate audio and lower the pitch of audio clips, as with the character of the kitten in which the voice has been…

B3 Mission Improbable! | Misión improbable de B3

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Students in Class B3 have been working on a script based on the series of films "Mission Impossible" but in this case it is called "Mission Improbable!” They recorded the parts of the story and then worked with audio processors and effects to create different environments and different sound effects during the Radio Drama. [audio…