Morning Classes

Final post! | ¡Último post!

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We hope your children enjoyed learning English with us this summer! Here is the video shown at our final assembly with some of the highlights from our morning and afternoon classes. Enjoy and we hope you will join us again next summer! Don't forget that we also have a Twitter page with some more pictures…

Last day kinder | Último día kinder

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Last day of our summer program! While the older kids did sports day and interactive classroom activities, the younger kinder kids had their own thing going on! The students rotated between five different stations: craft, bracelets, face painting, musical games and water games. In crafts, with Ms. Jay, students filled in a beautiful sun using…

Kinder yoga

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Ms. Adelina is the Yoga and Movement teacher in the ELC Kindergarten program. She teachers students that yoga is a wonderful activity to learn while they are young because it has both mental and physical benefits. Students learn how to focus and channel their energy into how to move their bodies with  flexibility and patience.…

K3 camping

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This week, Ms. Rosaura’s K3 class became campers and used their imagination to create beautiful campsite scenes. Students made their own customized campsite where they were able to practice their camping vocabulary with words like camp, campfire, tent, camper, picnic, etc. to describe the scene. What a fun, interactive way for students to assimilate their…

K2 bear hunt | Caza del oso K2

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In Week 3 of the summer program, Ms. Jeanette’s K2 class is “Traveling Around the World in 18 days.” This week the students are working on identifying and relating characteristics of countries in North America with their own country. Today, they went to Canada and read the story “Going on a Bear Hunt ” after…
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