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Final post! | ¡Último post!

We hope your children enjoyed learning English with us this summer! Here is the video shown at our final assembly with some of the highlights from our morning and afternoon classes. Enjoy and we hope you will join us again next summer! Don’t forget that we also have a Twitter page with some more pictures… Read more »

Last day morning! | ¡Último día por la mañana! Pt. 2

After taking a break for recess and snacks, students rotated through different English indoor team games during the second half of the morning with their English teachers in the classrooms.  In Charades, players guessed a word or phrase acted out by a team member and then passed a ball over their heads or through their… Read more »

Last day morning! | ¡Último día por la mañana! Pt. 1

On Friday, ASB was a sea of red, white, blue and green, as students started arriving early to enjoy the last day of the summer program with their friends. Students began the morning in their classrooms reviewing the day’s schedule and receiving reminders about good sportsmanship and teamwork. During the first part of the morning,… Read more »

S3 The Giant and the Kitten | S3 El Gigante y el Gatito

Students in Ms. Katrina’s class S3 have worked on a story with a script for Radio Drama class.  The story includes the character of a ‘giant’, so that students could see how to manipulate audio and lower the pitch of audio clips, as with the character of the kitten in which the voice has been… Read more »

S2 scavenger hunt | S2 en búsqueda del tesoro

It’s important to be able to understand a map and locate yourself on it since if you can’t do that you’ll get lost!! Today, S2 students went on a scavenger hunt. They had to follow clues around the ASB campus to find the treasure (some delicious candy). This way they got to practice giving and… Read more »

SOS Galgos bake sale fundraiser | Venta de desayuno para la recaudación de fondos para SOS Galgos

On Monday, SOS Galgos visited ASB to give a presentation to students in Ms. Caren’s A5 class about the rescue and protection of Spanish greyhounds. You can check out the blog post here. In order to help this non-profit organization, students in Class A5 organized a pastry and popcorn sale to raise money for donations…. Read more »

First week of storytelling | Primera semana de cuentos

Have you ever had that feeling of being in the moment, when someone is explaining a story and you feel like you’re actually there, as if their words flow along and you become a character in the story world that surrounds you? Wednesday, classes K3, K4, K5, A3, A4, A6, and S3 were able to… Read more »

S3 inventions | Inventos de S3

Look around with a fresh perspective and think about inventions of the past.  How do they make modern life easier? How are inventions different from discoveries? Are there inventions that we would be better without? These are all questions Ms. Katrina’s S3 class asked themselves in their current unit “Inventions that Changed the World”. Students… Read more »

S2 campfire stories | S2 cuenta cuentos de camping

Students in Ms. Roisin’s S2 class are camping out this summer in their classroom while working on their literary skills through reading, writing, fact finding and technology. To make this experience even more authentic, students worked together to pitch a real camping tent in their classroom, filled with comfy pillows and books. They even made… Read more »

S1 guesses fruits | S1 adivina las frutas

Is it an apple? A melon?  A banana, kiwi, or cherry? These are some of the fruits you might have seen if you visited Ms. Jen’s S1 class yesterday. Food is an essential part of our daily lives, so it’s important that students be able to identify and classify healthy vs. unhealthy foods, determine if… Read more »