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Final post! | ¡Último post!

We hope your children enjoyed learning English with us this summer! Here is the video shown at our final assembly with some of the highlights from our morning and afternoon classes. Enjoy and we hope you will join us again next summer! Don’t forget that we also have a Twitter page with some more pictures… Read more »

Last day morning! | ¡Último día por la mañana! Pt. 2

After taking a break for recess and snacks, students rotated through different English indoor team games during the second half of the morning with their English teachers in the classrooms.  In Charades, players guessed a word or phrase acted out by a team member and then passed a ball over their heads or through their… Read more »

Last day morning! | ¡Último día por la mañana! Pt. 1

On Friday, ASB was a sea of red, white, blue and green, as students started arriving early to enjoy the last day of the summer program with their friends. Students began the morning in their classrooms reviewing the day’s schedule and receiving reminders about good sportsmanship and teamwork. During the first part of the morning,… Read more »

B3 Mission Improbable! | Misión improbable de B3

Students in Class B3 have been working on a script based on the series of films “Mission Impossible” but in this case it is called “Mission Improbable!” They recorded the parts of the story and then worked with audio processors and effects to create different environments and different sound effects during the Radio Drama. Los… Read more »

SOS Galgos bake sale fundraiser | Venta de desayuno para la recaudación de fondos para SOS Galgos

On Monday, SOS Galgos visited ASB to give a presentation to students in Ms. Caren’s A5 class about the rescue and protection of Spanish greyhounds. You can check out the blog post here. In order to help this non-profit organization, students in Class A5 organized a pastry and popcorn sale to raise money for donations…. Read more »

B1 recycles | B1 recicla

Most of us know that there are different types of garbage and how a lot of it can be recycled. Last week, Ms. Charlie’s B1 students learned about what various objects are made of and the difference between man-made and natural materials. They read and talked about the recycling process and its importance. This song… Read more »

Still life art

In Ms. Lisa’s Art classes this week, students have been working on “Still Life Drawing”, where they explored drawing nature from observation. Their lessons focused on learning how to draw contour lines and understanding how to translate a three-dimensional object onto two dimensional paper. They also looked at some examples of flower drawings from art… Read more »

B2 sports heroes | Héroes deportivos de B2

Be it soccer, basketball, volleyball, and hockey games or whatever sport you may choose, between all these sports you probably have a favorite team and favorite player. Your favorite player is someone you look up to not only because of their skills, but also because of the dedication needed to get where they’ve gotten, their… Read more »

B3 film interviews | Entrevistas sobre películas B3

Mr. Steve’s B3 class has been working on “Film Reviews and the Cinema.” Through this topic, students have been learning to express their preferences for different movie genres, how to research and synthesize information about a film, summarize the plot, and prepare an oral presentation. They have been building their lexicon of film-related vocabulary (e.g.,… Read more »

B4’s projects | Los proyectos de B4

How do we come up with ideas about things that don’t exist? How do we determine the shape and function of what we want to create? All of these questions are related to one word: invention. To invent is to produce something, such as a useful device or process, for the first time through the… Read more »